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Our half-day interactive workshops provide attendees with all of the materials necessary to create and finish a strategic plan on an issue of their own choosing. Instructors explain each step and give attendees time to fill out their planning templates. During the workshop, attendees, identify a strategic issue specific to their business, finish a first draft strategic plan for the issue and grasp the 60 Minute Strategic Plan process and be able to apply it anytime on any issue.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Many businesses and organizations prefer a third-party consultative, facilitated strategic planning session customized to your needs. We can work directly with you and your team to help you develop your strategic plan. The advantage in having us facilitate the strategic planning process is that we are completely objective, thoroughly understand the system and are able to directly interact as mediator or consultant when the individual or group gets stuck on a point(s).


A hands-on book (in either paperback or Kindle format) that explains the planning process and walks you through the 60 Minute Strategic Plan, step by step. The final result: A completed first draft of a strategic plan. The book includes examples and exercises. A planning template is available for download.


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