It’s simple. It’s quick. It works.

Innovative Planning System

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is an innovative planning and problem solving system that:

  • Has a short learning curve
  • Is easy to apply
  • Produces results

Using a unique visual format, the 60 Minute Strategic Plan advances you, step by step, collecting and connecting information: Building comprehension, creating insight, and ending up as a completed game plan for any strategic issue.


Planning On Demand

Most planning methods require homework—sometimes a lot of it. The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is ready to use requiring only self-knowledge and educated guesses. You will use about 300 words or what it takes to fill a one page worksheet.

Once you learn the entire process (and it’s a quick study), the time to complete a first draft plan for any issue you identify will take between 30 to 60 minutes.

Where then How

The 60 Minute Strategic Plan is twelve steps in two stages.

  • The first stage comprises the first six steps and is visionary in nature: a right brain, creative process. This is where you create all of the outcomes you desire for the strategic issue you identify in step 1.
  • The second stage is a tactical, logical, left brain process where you define how to accomplish your desired outcomes. So first you establish where you want to go with your issue, and then you establish how you will get there by way of a plan of action.

Next Steps...

Go to and purchase either the paperback or Kindle version of the book.

Download and print out a planning template, roll your sleeves up, and start planning.